Hemp Activism Meets Fashion Activism with SUBSTANCE Now on Kickstarter!

This week, we launched our Kickstarter Campaign that will end on December 17th at 8:00 p.m. Many of you have asked how to get a hold of our product. Well, here’s your chance. We are offering some great rewards and the ability to get many of our products at 40-55% off retail.

The way Kickstarter works is that we must reach our entire goal of $25,000 for the campaign to move forward. That means your credit card will not be charged unless we are completely funded by our deadline.

We know times are tough so we are grateful for any amount of donation you are able to pledge. All activity counts so even a dollar or two can show your solidarity with our project.

The funds we raise will be used as seed money to pay for our unique fabric, manufacture the pre-ordered rewards and allow us to move forward with our duplicate samples so we can start taking orders from the many boutiques who are interested in carrying our product.

We are releasing most of our new collection on this campaign so you will not only have access to our luxurious basics like men’s tees and women’s leggings, but you can also be one of the first to wear a Monah Li designed hemp dress, tee or hoodie. I have to say, the hoodie is my personal favorite as you can probably tell by one of my previous posts. Monah Li however, is known for the fit and design of her dresses and the fashion tees she created are quite unique. Visit our Kickstarter page to get a glimpse of all the products that are available. I think you’ll be impressed!

We hope you will support us and help us spread the word. It’s time for chic, soft, hemp fashion to hit the market. Will you help us get it there?

Please click here to check out our campaign: SUBSTANCE Kickstarter



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