Hempy Thanksgiving from The Hempress!



Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I welcome any opportunity to reflect on reasons to be grateful. While that may not be the original intention of this holiday, it’s how I choose to see it.

It’s been eight years since I embarked on this journey. That’s enough time for two college degrees. I feel like I double majored in hemp activism and the garment industry.  Using the voice of fashion to bring awareness to the hemp movement has definitely been a challenge, but every trial and tribulation has only made me a stronger, more compassionate person and for that I am  grateful.

I am grateful to you for allowing me the opportunity to share my passion through this blog. If I have educated even one person, then I feel it was worthwhile.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to see a creative genius in action by working with Monah Li. I never in a million years thought that was a possibility when I used to shop in her Loz Feliz shop in the 90’s.

I am grateful to those of you who are backing our Kickstarter campaign. So many of you have shared with me that your SUBSTANCE tee is your favorite or how you’ve worn the heck out of your leggings. Or, how you get extra attention from your honey when you wear a SUBSTANCE dress. While this may sound like just another plug for our campaign (which it kinda is LOL!), all these testimonials warm my heart and I thank you for sharing with me.

I am grateful to Vote Hemp for the cute Thanksgiving graphic I used up above and all the work they do to advocate for me as a hemp entrepreneur as well as other  businesses, farmers, legislators and activists who are fighting for reform.

Now here is the rest of the plug….For those of you who still haven’t checked out our campaign, we have just under three weeks to meet our goal of $25,0000 in order to get the beautiful Monah Li  collection and the SUBSTANCE basic collection out on the market. This is the perfect way to get 40-55% off our new collection and be one of the first to wear it! If you haven’t already, please consider backing our campaign here: SUBSTANCE Kickstarter   and remember, if we don’t meet our goal by December 17th, your credit card does not get charged and it’s back to the drawing board for SUBSTANCE.

And finally, another easy way to support the hemp movement is by donating to Vote Hemp for a 2016 calendar, printed on hemp paper!

Check them out here:

Help us further these efforts in 2016 by donating $20.00 or more & receive a limited edition 2016 Hemp History Calendar printed on hemp paperShipping is free, and your donation supports our work to bring farming back at the state and federal level. Special thanks to the sponsors below. 
Thanks again for being part of this journey with me and I wish you all, from the bottom of my heart, peace, love and friendship.
A very hempy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones,
Linda Werner
The Hempress



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