Hempy Independence Day!

Oh the irony! Here is a plant that served as the material to jot down our thoughts about how we, as a country, want to be free. Fast forward a couple of centuries, and the plant that memorialized these thoughts, is just now starting to earn its freedom!

So, on this day of independence, here are some cool historical hemp facts:

1) The first couple of drafts were written on hemp paper.


2) The actual draft signed on July 4, 1776 was made from hemp.

3) And who was the purveyor of this hemp paper? Well none less than Benjamin Franklin. Yep, Benji owned the first hemp paper mill.


4) I’m sure there are skeptics out there that say this is folklore because the final version of the Declaration of Independence was written on parchment, but that was a move they made to ensure preservation of the document. It is true though, the first couple of drafts were written on hemp paper because back then, that was the only paper there was.

Isn’t it interesting that this part of history is never taught in school? Oh, and as you see all those American flags waving in celebration, don’t forget, those were once made of hemp as well.



Looking forward to hemp finding it’s freedom soon. Wishing you all a safe and HEMPY 4th of July!


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