Tommy Chong is a Pleasant Surprise on DWTS!

It’s got to be a sign of the times when ABC TV has no problem associating with the original stoner, Tommy Chong! I have to admit, I was a little nervous when I heard that Tommy Chong was going to be on Dancing With The Stars. I had never seen him dance before so I wasn’t sure if he’d have the moves or whether it would all just seem like a big joke. I am happy to report however, Tommy was AWESOME! He surprised the heck out of those judges and I have to admit, I was quite surprised myself.

Tommy didn’t stray very far from his persona. He came out in a lowrider with his longtime comedy partner, Cheech at the wheel. Apparently, Cheech told Tommy he’d never get on the show and I as you can see, Tommy proved Cheech wrong. Tommy was paired up with one of my favorite dancers, Peta Murgatroyd who said in her opening video “Tommy’s best asset is his character. Everyone’s going to fall in love with him.” I think she was right and she definitely didn’t shy away from his character as their props and costumes were very reminiscent of the “hemp plant.”

It wasn’t until my 9-year-old daughter started watching DWTS a few seasons ago that I got interested in watching this show. Now, it’s kind of become our thing. I love music and the professional dancers on this show are AMAZING! It’s a really fun ride watching the competitive side of these celebrities. While my husband who is an “old school PE teacher” doesn’t consider dancing a sport, I have watched celebrities transform their bodies and develop dancing skills that weren’t there the previous week as well as some pretty serious injuries that have taken people out of the competition. I can’t wait too see Tommy Chong, who is now in his 70’s, develop and grow and I just hope his body is strong enough to endure.

I now have another good reason to watch DWTS. This season, I get to support  a fellow Hempster! I am so proud of Tommy for representing the community with grace, style and especially his humor. It warmed my heart to see Cheech and Chong so much older now, but still supporting each other. Cheech and Chong were a class act last night.

Tonight is an elimination night. I think Tommy is pretty safe this week but I would encourage you to watch the show and vote for him to keep him on.

I’m happy to share Tommy Chong and Peta Murgatroyd’s performance here:

2 thoughts on “Tommy Chong is a Pleasant Surprise on DWTS!

  1. Thanks for sharing this! It was great fun watching it with you and Sally last night…Tommy Chong’s dance was certainly a HIGH light! LOL! My Mom, Rita, loved this show when she was still with us – I never watched it with her, but now I know why she loved it so!

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