How Jack Herer Was Exonerated When He Was Accused of Fabricating Hemp for Victory

In the movie, The Emperor of Hemp, I was blown away when I learned that Jack Herer had been accused of fabricating the movie, Hemp for Victory. When journalist checked with the Library of Congress to verify Jack’s claims about this movie being made by our Department of Agriculture, there was no record of it to be found. Somebody deliberately and conveniently omitted this information when systems were updated.

Jack was later exonerated when he and two other activists searched the Library of Congress and found the catalog in question.

Here is Jack in his own words, talking about what that was like. As you can see, this video is around 30 minutes long. It includes Jack speaking, the full video of Hemp for Victory, an excerpt from Reefer Madness and a wrap up monologue by Jack. All of this is very informational so I hope you will take a moment to check it out when you have a moment.

This film was made 25 years ago in September  1989. I’m sure Jack imagined back then that all would be different today. We are almost there….

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