In Spite of the DEA, Kentucky Hemp Crops Flourish

Happy August everyone! Can you believe it’s already August? Yikes!

There’s good news on the hemp farming front! Hemp is flourishing in Kentucky and researchers say this is a baby step in a positive direction. As  you may have heard in the news earlier this year, the DEA seized a 250 pound hemp seed shipment that came from Italy and Kentucky had to sue the DEA in order to get their hands on these seeds. While that stall tactic shortened the growth cycle by several weeks, University of Kentucky plant researcher, David Williams reported that Kentucky’s very first hemp crop is thriving and has already grown from 6 to 16 feet in two months. That’s exciting!

What’s not so exciting is the Drug Enforcement Agency. What is up with the head of the DEA, Michelle Leonhart? Who’s she beholden to that she feels at liberty to waste tax payer’s dollars to defy congress and the will of the people? With Michelle Leonhart at the helm, any real progress with the DEA seems futile so I was not surprised to come across a petition to fire Michelle Leonhart on

Kudos to Kentucky for starting a hemp farming trend and for standing up to the DEA! While this is a small step in the right direction with regards to growing hemp, I hope enough people become outraged by the shenanigans of the DEA and ban together to take our power back. A first step could be signing this petition asking President Obama to remove Ms. Leonhart from her post:




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