The Imaginary Perils of Tomatoes and Industrial Hemp

A great blog that explains the absurdity of hemp prohibition here in the U.S. The imagery of the tomato plant being deemed dangerous is such a great parallel for industrial hemp.

Arlington Stone

Hemp Field - Kentucky 2What if tomatoes were poisonous? Many of us used to think they were. Back in the less enlightened years of the United States and Britain, tomatoes were regarded as a known danger throughout much of the 17th and 18th centuries. There are links to enlightenment via Thomas Jefferson’s fondness for the fruit after dining upon tomatoes in France. Others credit the influence of less superstitious immigrants from Europe and South America. But regardless of who made us snap out of our baseless fear of this delicious staple of the modern American diet, I ask you to ponder the what-ifs of an alternate history.

Perhaps we discovered that the tomato itself is not a bad thing, but the leaves are patently dangerous, and riddled with toxins. Thus we find ourselves with a mixed bag of positive and negative aspects. Eat the fruit and you are one-third of the way to a…

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