Marianne Williamson, The Hemp Activist’s Candidate

Marianne and her lawn sign

Marianne Williamson at the Calabasas Tennis and Swim Center

Marianne Williamson, author and spiritual leader is running for US Congress  in my district (#33). This is ridiculously exciting to me as I have been personally touched by Marianne’s teachings.  If you’ve seen the back of my car, my lawn sign or the t-shirt I’ve been wearing, I think you’d get the point……I’m a fan! I can honestly attribute Marianne for teaching me how to have a more peaceful mind. It was her meditations that I based my peace hikes from and I figured, if she could help ME find peace, imagine what could happen if she were to translate that on a larger scale and affect our whole country? It didn’t take me long to jump on the Marianne for Congress bandwagon!

The Hempress, Marianne Williamson, Sally Werner

As a hemp activist, I had several occasions to contact our current Congressman, Henry Waxman who is known as a liberal and an environmentalist. I often asked Mr. Waxman about legalizing industrial hemp in California and I always got the same generic response: Hemp is listed under the Controlled Substances Act and that the Federal Government cannot tell the difference between Marijuana and industrial hemp. I thought to myself, is this guy serious? Is he really not willing to fight this fight? And, the answer was: No, hemp was not a fight our soon former representative Henry Waxman was interested in AT ALL. How can you claim to be an environmentalist and not understand the need to legalize hemp in this country? While many were surprised by the announcement of his retirement, I was all too happy since Marianne was one of the first to announce her candidacy even before Waxman made his retirement announcement.

I was introduced to Marianne back in 2009 when she was still speaking at a theater on La Brea off of Melrose. Nowadays, Marianne Williamson speaks at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills on most Mondays at 7:30 p.m.  This little woman packs a powerful punch as an orator. She pretty much mesmerizes her audience for about an hour and then takes Q&A for about half an hour. This is when Marianne demonstrates her problem solving skills as audience members come to her with their various issues. She’s not only a genius at shedding light on how egos get the best of us, but she does it in a way that feels so respectful. I’ve also had the pleasure of being in the company of Marianne at a study group in Malibu as well as a few events for her campaign. I wasn’t sure how her political speak would resonate with me, but as soon as the first meeting was over, I was happy to be recruited to assist with her campaign.

On Sunday, May 18th, I had the honor of organizing an event for Marianne at the Calabasas Tennis and Swim Center where I teach spin that was sponsored Sourena Vasseghi, author of Big Dreams Take Small Sacrifices. We had a great turn out  although I can honestly say they’re weren’t a lot of hard questions pitched at Marianne. It was more like we were all just there to support her which was a bit of a disappointment for me because one of her star qualities and what I  feel will make her an excellent representative is that she is able to bring to opposing sides together to reach a common ground. If she could work that mojo in Congress, I’m sure we could all agree, that would be a miracle!

Here are my top 10 reasons for voting for Marianne:

  1. First and foremost, Marianne is one of the best speakers and brightest women I’ve ever encountered.
  2. She understands industrial hemp’s potential and is willing to fight for it. (This is huge for me.)
  3. She understands the drug war and the ridiculous incarceration rates here in the U.S.
  4. She is not afraid to go up against Monsanto. As an activist, she’s been doing this for years already and it would be great to have someone in congress who will fight to protect our food supply.
  5. She is not for sale and is therefore running as Independent.
  6. She recognizes that both parties, Democrats and Republicans are bought and paid for.
  7. She believes the government has turned into a form of legalized corruption with money controlling our policies.
  8. As the author of Divine Compensation, I trust that Marianne will make very sober choices especially when it comes to our economy.
  9. She believes in the possibility of a government with a conscience.
  10. She’s charismatic, compassionate and a woman of substance.

As a six time New York Times best selling author on spirituality, Marianne has a lot at stake if she is not true to her word. Once you’ve read her books, you’d realize her career depends on her integrity. If you are not familiar with Marianne’s books, four of which were #1 best sellers, you’r missing out. Check out her Amazon page or you can even find her books at your local library.

It is my opinion that if Marianne feels a strong calling for this position, some miraculous shifts in our government are in store for us. One of the first of those miracles may even be a whole new outlook on hemp here in the U.S.   So, please help this miracle happen by voting for Marianne at the primary on June 3rd if you are in her district or by simply spreading the word  that a politician with a conscience may be heading to Washington!


For more information on Marianne’s campaign, please visit her website:

For more on Marianne, visit: Go get ’em Marianne!

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