What Is This 420 You Speak Of?

Happy Holidaze! As we approach 4/20, I thought I would repost this post from two years ago.

The Hemp Press

It’s easy to forget that I was one of those lost blank stares not too long ago. You know, the one that doesn’t react to the term “420.”

The first time I heard the term 420 was when a group of students at our local high school tried to name their Relay for Life Team “The 420’s.”Since I was on the organizing committee, I recall someone asking me at one of the meetings if I knew what 420 meant and I had no darn clue. This was as recent as 7 years ago. This woman went on to tell me, in a disgusted manner, that it was code for marijuana and that it was completely inappropriate for a group of high school students to use it for their team name. I agree. I agree even more so since I believe most people don’t even know what 420 means or where…

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