Drum Roll, Please

If you tuned in last week, you’ll know that Think Substance is going through rebranding. I  also promised I would reveal the new name today, so TADA…….Here it is: JAE JULIAN

Why JAE JULIAN? My daughter’s name is Sally Jae and my son’s name is Amos Julian. I basically took their middle names to create my new brand. Who knew how difficult a task it would be to come up with a new name?!  While it’s always nice to associate a brand with a person, I just couldn’t see Linda Werner or my maiden name Montellano  (which most people  mispronounce since the double L sounds like a Y) being a good brand name. JAE JULIAN however, sounded soft and fashion forward, just like my hemp.  Plus, this name received lots of positive feedback in our marketing research.

We are now hard at work developing a new logo, a new website and fresh new pieces to add to the line and I’m very excited about moving forward.


Just How Good Is Our Luxury Hemp?

I’ve received so many amazing testimonials verbally about how good our products feel, that I think it would be great to start collecting some of these in writing.  So, if you’ve had a chance wear our products, it would be great to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

I ‘ll be keeping you posted on how the rebranding process is going here on my blog but it would be great if you would visit our temporary site and sign up so you can get a direct announcement when the site goes live.

In the meantime, here’s to  JAE JULIAN becoming a global brand!



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