Tennessee, Tennessee

So it looks like Tennessee is ready to jump on the “industrial hemp bandwagon.”

Senator Frank Niceley, R-Strawberry Fields, wants to bring hemp back to Tennessee and is apparently drafting a bill.  The key to success, he said, is educating his lawmaker colleagues about the differences between industrial hemp and marijuana and the financial benefits to farmers. It troubles me to think that there are policy makers who are clueless about the difference between hemp and pot. If Senator Niceley does make the effort to educate his colleagues, let’s hope that these law makers are fast learners!

“Their biggest fear is that, if they support hemp, people will think they support marijuana,” Niceley said. “That’s a cousin of hemp, but cornbread is a cousin of moonshine.”

So that’s the logic for many of our politicians.  They protect their seats in office rather than our best interest. Hopefully, that will begin to change since thirty-one states have introduced pro-hemp legislation and twenty have passed pro-hemp legislation. So that’s good news, right? But as Tom Murphy of the Hemp Industries Association always soberly reminds us, the battle is not over until the feds give the green light. The one benefit to states who have voted on and passed bills is that they will be the first out the gate with this new economy.

And by the way, I also wanted to share that every time I hear the word Tennessee,, I immediately think about this song from Arrested Development. Is that weird? That’s kind of why I put Tennessee twice in the title, because I was singing it in my head and was wondering if anyone would notice. It’s the lyrics of this song that I love most, though. Now that I’ve planted the thought, perhaps this tune will run through your mind every time you hear the word Tennessee!

So let’s welcome Tennessee to the bandwagon while as we enjoy this catchy tune.

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