Hemp: Climate Change’s Super Hero

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to shame our policy makers into making better decisions? Check out this video I found on my best friend’s facebook wall.

The number one reason I believe that hemp is a climate change super hero is that it has the ability to remove 10 times the amount of CO2 from the atmosphere per acre as an acre of trees. Yep, hemp is like earth’s natural vacuum cleaner! Hemp was even used to help clean up  the Chernobyl disaster. ( I’ll post more on that later.)

Here are  some more reasons why hemp is such a hero:

  • Hemp makes four times the amount of paper per acre as an acre of trees and grows in almost any climate without the need for pesticides or fertilizers. No more chopping down our beautiful rain forests!
  • It has been said that 25% of all of the world’s pesticides are used on American cotton. Hemp however, can be grown much, much cleaner making  it an environmentally friendly and sustainable competitor in the fiber market.
  • Hemp could replace petroleum in the plastics market. Maybe we could stop polluting our planet with non-biodegradable petroleum based products?
  • A 1979 environmental chemistry textbook estimated that if 6 percent of America’s continental land were used to cultivate hemp, that would provide enough energy to meet all of America’s energy needs.  Plus…unlike the government-sponsored corn/ethanol industry, hemp does not need government subsidies.

The DEA claims they are unable to distinguish between hemp and marijuana. This prohibits American farmers from growing a plant that would not only generate billions for the U.S. economy, but it would help clean the atsmosphere as well. Oh, and by the way, there IS a way to tell the difference between hemp and marijuana : Industrial hemp plants are tall (around 20 feet), have few branches or leaves below the tops, and are grown four inches apart; marijuana plants are shorter and fatter with lots of branches and are generally grown six feet apart. (Not to mention that industrial hemp is the anti-pot, as I posted earlier.)

Think about this: Is the threat of plants that look like marijuana greater than the threat of global warming? Is it greater than the possibility of earth’s temperature rising, ice-caps melting and floods of biblical proportions that would displace billions of people? What about our water supply? Does anyone care to take steps to ensure that our drinking water doesn’t become toxic?

Unfortunately, the powers that be don’t seem to care. It seems to me that our government would rather appease the lobbyist they are indebted to  instead of actually protecting the people.  So rather than allowing U.S. farmers to grow a crop that offers so many benefits, our current elected officials have chosen to protect powerful industries from competition. Can you see how this game is rigged?

Our “elected officials” could certainly use a reality check. Even if they do not subscribe to the climate change theory,  it makes no sense to condone business practices that use toxic chemicals when a safer, non-toxic alternative exists.  All those nasty chemicals that seep into our our dirt and water supply is just plain gross and dangerous. It’s irresponsible for our elected officials not to care.

This Climate Name Change video offers an almost- not-funny idea. There are way too many officials that choose to line their pockets rather than serve the greater good. Perhaps we can shame them into responsible behavior? It’s definitely worth a try.

2 thoughts on “Hemp: Climate Change’s Super Hero

  1. Yes, industrial hemp is a great solution to assist in Climate Change! It is so frustrating that dis-information by “the media” takes precedence over the truth regarding industrial hemp versus marijuana.

  2. “The DEA claims they are unable to distinguish between hemp and marijuana.”

    They have been saying this since 1937. Can’t they update their lie?

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