Hemp Hearts at Costco


Hemp hearts (which is a fancy name for the shelled hemp seed) have a stellar nutritional profile and many positive qualities for health. According to EnviroHealthTech.com, hemp hearts may improve circulation, alleviate inflammation, provide relief from chronic diseases, reduce cancer risks and control cholesterol levels. (Kind of sounds like the opposite of the warnings they rattle off at the end of a pharmaceutical commerical!)

Hemp hearts have a nutty flavor and can be sprinkled on salads, cereal, yogurt and as an added ingredient to smoothies! And guess what? You can find them in bulk at Costco for about $13!

It’s getting easier and easier to incorporate hemp into our diets with all the different hemp products becoming mainstream. From hemp spaghetti and hemp cooking oil in Paris, France to  my local Costco selling hemp in bulk….hemp food is popping up everywhere!

Looks like the times…..they are a changin’.

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