Vans Goes “Off the Wall” with Hemp Shoes

I remember the excitement of back to school shopping for Vans sneakers when I was a teen, back in the 80’s.  My strongest memory however, is the ridiculous odor that would  permeate the room after wearing Vans all day without socks! P-U!!!!! (You know what they say, smell is the strongest memory!)

Hemp shoes are said to be light, airy and capable of  killing germs due to  hemp’s alkaline nature.  The true test would be to wear these around all day without socks and see if hemp could actually neutralize odor. Wouldn’t that be great?!!!!

Hemp shoes are nothing new in China. There is a Chinese myth that claims Fuxi, an ancient king born in Gansu, was the first to use hemp to make ropes and shoes. The Red Army also made and wore hemp shoes during the revolutionary era several decades ago.

Vans may be  considered “old school” but hemp shoes could prove revolutionary!

Below are a couple of sneakers I thought were cute, but you can find more styles and colors online at the Vans Store:  Vans Hemp Shoes

Vans Women's Rata Lo Hemp Shoe

Vans Women’s Rata Lo Hemp Shoe

Van's Chukka Low Hemp Men's Shoe

Van’s Chukka Low Hemp Men’s Shoe

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