If China Can Do It, Why Can’t We?


At the risk of sounding like a kid sibling who thinks certain rules are unfair, I think the fact that Communist China is allowed to grow hemp, but “Free America” is not, is good cause to be upset.

One of the major fall back arguments used by hemp prohibitionists is that industrial hemp and Marijuana are indistinguishable, therefore drug dealers will be disguising their illegal crops amidst industrial hemp.

How could it be that a communist country like China has no problem telling the difference between industrial hemp and Marijuana but the authorities in the U.S. can’t figure it out? Anyone familiar with these two species of the hemp plant sees right through this fallacy since there is no way, now how, a drug dealer’s crop could thrive amidst industrial hemp. Industrial hemp IS the anti-pot crop. You never cross-pollinate industrial hemp with THC rich Marijuana because the pollen of the industrial hemp basically ruins the THC content of good weed. It’s as simple as that.

Since 2003, researchers have been working on hemp cultivation in China, according to the Shanghai Daily. As a matter of fact, they are using this specific crop to address their own poverty issues and plan to bring three million people out of poverty by 2020. China is now seven years away from their goal, while we here in the U.S. are still pretending there is no solution for our economy besides printing money from thin air.

The United States is the largest importer of hemp products. As you can see, the market for hemp in the U.S. exists. The U.S. has reduced its number of exports to a ridiculous amount and our economy suffers as a result. We can continue to let our economy bleed to death, or use hemp as a tourniquet.

So I ask again, if China is thriving in the hemp business, why shouldn’t we?

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