Hemp Paper or Plastic? How Hemptastic!

Cities around the U.S. have started  banning plastic bags at supermarkets. I happen to live in one of those cities.


On the surface, this seems like a step in the right direction. In my humble opinion however, it’s just not enough.

Every time I hear that question, “paper or plastic?” at the checkout stand, I can’t help but feel cheated out of a more sustainable option: hemp paper or plastic. You see, trees are a natural resource that we are depleting at a ridiculous rate. So paper from trees doesn’t make sense. Plastic bags are made from petroleum. Plastic really doesn’t biodegrade and if or when it does, because it is made from petroleum, it pollutes our soil. That doesn’t sound like an option to me either. That feels more like a Catch-22,

It takes one acre of hemp to produce the same amount of paper as four acres of trees. Hemp paper is much more renewable than paper from trees. Hemp plastic biodegrades, AND….when it does, it nourishes the soil.  Now that’s an option!

Let’s see, we can continue to cut down trees for all our paper needs, bury third world countries in our waste of plastic bags, or start being smart and use the substance mother nature intended us to use:  HEMP!


I don’t thinks it would take much to convince folks that our limited options don’t make sense. As people become aware that another, cleaner, safer option is possible, I’m sure they would agree that hemp paper or  plastic is HEMPTASTIC! That’s why I use the checkout stand to create awareness and share with the cashier and surrounding folks about this little known fact.

If we really want to start cleaning up this planet, hemp paper or plastic could totally be a step in the right direction.

Maybe next time you’re checking out at the supermarket, you can share this tidbit of information and help educate.

Wishing you a HEMPTASTIC day!

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