The “HypPotcracy” of It All

It turns out that DC is not afraid of drugs, they are afraid of drug etiquette! Why does this make my stomach hurt? Maybe because when I think of the drug war, my heart immediately goes out to those whose lives have been marred by this war. Thanks to movies like Breaking the Taboo, we are hearing how much human suffering is going on around the world. The cost of human lives is a horrendous price to pay for a war that that has gone on for way too long  with nothing to show for it but the obvious lengths the government will go to protect someone’s financial interest.

I recently learned that Afghanistan is the world’s largest producer of drugs. Makes sense. I also learned that it is the sale of drugs in that country that help fund terrorism! WHAT? I never thought about that, but that makes perfect sense. So, I’m no military strategist or anything, but wouldn’t making drugs legal basically get rid of the black market which then keeps the terrorist from being able to purchase weapons? So why is no one willing to do this? There has to be a reason we are not privy to, I would imagine.

Check out the article here and see what you think:

D.C Elites Are Worried About Marijuana

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