McCartney Serenades Obama with a Song About Pot

It never seizes to amaze me how much of our general pop culture we misinterpret. I love the Beatles and I especially love Paul McCartney.  So I was pretty excited to learn recently that Paul McCartney wrote another song about marijuana. The first song I knew about was “Band on the Run” which I blogged about back in December. This song however, I’m sure most of us thought was a love song! Paul McCartney was pretty well known for his “Silly Love Songs” you know. So why should any one suspect Sir Paul would write an ode to cannabis? Apparently, because he could and did!

Naturally, I checked Youtube to search for clues when I came across this video. I find it HIGHlarious that Paul McCartney chose this song from his repetoire to play for President Obama at the White House.

How perfect is this?

Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia that includes McCartney’s explanation:

In Barry Miles’ 1997 book Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now,  McCartney disclosed that the song was about marijuana. “‘Got to Get You into My Life’ was one I wrote when I had first been introduced to pot… So [it’s] really a song about that, it’s not to a person.” Many lyrics from the song suggest this: “I took a ride, I didn’t know what I would find there / Another road where maybe I could see some other kind of mind there.”,'”What can I do? What can I be? When I’m with you, I want to stay there / If I am true, I will never leave and if I do, I’ll know the way there.” “It’s actually an ode to pot,” McCartney explained, “like someone else might write an ode to chocolate or a good claret.”

Could this have been a calculated move? If so…..well played Sir Paul. Well played!

2 thoughts on “McCartney Serenades Obama with a Song About Pot

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  2. I found this post interesting. If you have an interest with McCartney and songs involving marijuana. Do a You Tube search for what I think was his first solo album after the Beatles broke up, anyway the album is titled “Ram” listen to the background vocals on the song “Smile Away” it will give you a chuckle.

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