Hemp, Levi’s and The Clash?

Remember this total 80’s flashback song from the Clash? Did you know they wrote this song specifically for a Levi’s commercial?

Could The Clash have been inclined to undertake this project due to its association with the hemp plant? Well, it’s a nice thought nonetheless! You see, Levi’s is the first true hemp fashion brand, well that’s until they replaced their hemp with cotton.

Being that hemp textile is the most durable fabric around, Levi Strauss first imagined using his hemp canvas for tents and tried selling them to the California Gold Rush miners. It turned out that these miners were not interested in shelter and no one was buying his tents. He then took the fabric and made pants out of it and due to the fact that these pants were conducive to their rugged lifestyle, a trend was born.

Levi Strauss was a fashion star at just  17  years old! As a German-Jewish immigrant, I’m sure he never would have imagined the impact he would have on American fashion!

Levi's Ladies

Levi’s Ladies

So, from historically course hemp Levi Jeans to modern, luscious soft Think Substance High & Waisted Hemp Bells, hemp is making a comeback. Now instead of being utilitarian and coarse,  Think Substance hemp apparel is so soft, it makes you feel pampered.

Check out more luxury hemp at Think Substance.

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