Think Substance’s Hemp Color Story

While medicinal use of the hemp plant represents just one use of the over 25,000 possible uses, there is no denying that it certainly is the most popular!  Evidence exists of people using hemp industrially as far back as 2,737 BC. I would imagine they also took advantage of its medicinal/recreational use as well way back then.

Today,  the art of growing strains for specific ailments is booming.  I recall having a discussion with Todd McCormick about strains that were being developed to have more CBD and less THC in order to provide more pain relief and less of a buzz. While my initital reaction was, “Really? Why would someone want that?” I mean the pain relief part was great, but did people not want to feel high? Well, the answer is a definite yes! People need relief and for those who feel they cannot function under the influence of pot, this still gives them the perfect alternative.

As I began studying more about the effects of specific strains, I really enjoyed the creativity that went into developing a name that captures the essence of the strain. To honor this process, I decided to incorporate these names into the Think Substance clothing line.

Color really does tell a story. When my product is dyed, there is a cermonious process of unveiling the colors. I wait until everyone is asleep and I bring out a piece of clothing in each color and study it when I’m alone. Hemp is amazing at absorbing color and my product slowly morphs into my baby when the dying process is complete. I also love sharing the names of these colors. I especially love seeing the grin if someone is “420 Friendly” and recognizes the name.

See if any one them ring a bell to you:


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