66 Years Young – Man’s 1st Time Smoking Pot

I was pleasantly surprised when I came across this video to see in action someone doing what I try to advocate: recover from their reliance of prescription medication.

In this video, an elderly gentleman realizes he’s taking too many prescription pills and decides to give medical marijuana a try.

Did you notice how this adorable man didn’t know how to use a pipe? I was sitting here thinking, “Come on camera man, help the dude out!” However, he did managed to figure it out and seemed to enjoy his first sensation of being high. He seemed quite peaceful and creative. Yay him! I truly hope this was his first step towards taking control over his health issues.

I’m super proud to announce that I’ve gone through one whole month completely prescription free! Yay Me!  While a month may not sound like a big deal, it actually took well over a year to titrate off to this point. So as you can see, this process takes a while.

What doctor’s fail to mention when you begin your journey down medication road is that getting off of them is hell.  While I suffered a severe case of panic and anxiety disorder and insomnia, I realize tht those illnesses were brought on by circumstances. Once my circumstances changed however, I found myself addicted to meds and unable to stop cold turkey. I could actually feel the physical addiction and the thought of getting off  my medication was often met with panic. Whenever I forgot to take my medicine for a couple of days, there was always the unpleasant reminder of the sensation of ants crawling  all over my body.  It was such a horrible feeling. Fortunately, with a little determination, patience, lots of meditation and yes, cannabis, voila! I did it! I haven’t taken a pill in over a month!

Besides weed replacing my Ambien for sleep, Lexapro, Ativan and every form of Valium for Panic and Anxiety Disorder, I have to admit that the practice of meditation as well as my change of diet and exercise have played a huge part in my recovery. The difference in how I navigate through the world now is night and day. I no longer feel the chemicals and the gross sensations of toxicity and I’m in such a better “head space.”

I truly hope others will seek whatever it is they need to get off their unneccessary meds as we have quickly become a nation that subscribes to “better living through chemistry.” I would hope the point of taking medicine is to heal not to get addicted. I knew when I no longer needed my meds, but it was truly difficult figuring out a way to stop. It’s a very slow process of reducing your intake so your body doesn’t suddenly miss it. You totally have to take a scientific approach and be ready for the commitment to give it a go. I can see, however, how this would not be enticing to most people and therefore end continue to allow our poor overworked livers to worry about it.

Nothing feels better than knowing you have recovered. The hardest part, like anything else, is making the choice to do something. I truly hope I planted a seed in the minds of those who can relate. With a little help from medical marijuana, I found a lifestyle that promotes healing from within. My hope is that everyone takes the time to actually heal as opposed to masking symptoms via pharmaceuticals.

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