Join the 3% and Possibly Change the World

Carl Sagan on Books

Do You Own and Use a Library Card?

I didn’t visit the library much as a kid and my memories of libraries as I grew up were just places I went to get “shushed!” Kind of like the Vatican where I believe they actually hire “Professional Shushers!” Oh yea, I got shushed a lot there, too.

Maybe it’s the economy, maybe it’s the fact that my children love to read but something has recently sparked my love affair with the library. We used to spend so much money buying books at Barnes & Noble. My last garage sale looked like a bookstore!

Not too long ago, the Calabasas Library relocated to the perfect location. Right right behind Barnes and Noble! It’s in a beautiful new building with all sorts of neat ammenties. There’s even a courtyard with electrical outlets with WiFi. Oh, it’s fancy! It truly has become one of my favorite local hangounts and best of all, it’s FREE!

Since it’s no secret that my passion was sparked from a book (Jack Herer’s book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes) when I came across this statistic, an alarm went off. Could this be true? Only 3% of the whole United States owns and uses a library card? Then after the initial shock, I realized “Hey wait, when did my love affair start?!” Even if this is an exagerated statistic, it provoked me enough to want to write this.

As Carl Sagan so eloquently states above, books are magical. It only took one book to change my life.  And now, as I delve deeper and deeper into my passion, when I check a book from the library, I consider it a  “date.”  Truly, a book is like a relationship. You decide if you like it enough to keep going, and if not, you move on. The thing about the library however is you are never married. You’re just dating and there is such freedom in knowing you didn’t waste your money if you “just weren’t that into it.” What is that they always say? “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?”

I am grateful to be an activist who has the internet available to make research so easy, but I can honestly say, nothing beats the experience of communing with books and bumping in to all sorts of other information on the way.

Well, if I haven’t gotten you excited about the library, you’ll have to check your pulse if this guy doesn’t:

Now go dust off that library card and join the 3% and let’s possibly make the world a better place.

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