An Interview with the Hempress

Getting To Know Your Activist Linda Werner

The Hempress

So excited to be included in the Hemp Lifestyle Magazine. Here is my interview. Just one note, I speak so fast I’m sure it sounded like I said I worked at the University of Santo Thomas, but the truth is, I worked at the University of Southern California. At this point, USC would probably prefer that I did work in Santo Tomas! I’m not sure how they feel about breeding a hemp activist! Thank you Hemp Lifestyle Magazine for including me in your mission to educate and change the world and please show Hemp Life Style Magazine some love and check them out. 

I got involved with hemp because I was an assistant to the Dean of the Medical School at the University of Santo Tomas and I was suffering some health challenges that led to panic and anxiety disorder. I got to the point where I was self-medicating to get to sleep and then realized one day that I was just overdoing it because nothing was putting me to sleep.

As a joke, somebody I worked with left me a note with the name of a doctor who would give me a medical marijuana prescription. I grew up as a Republican and was very anti the drug movement so I felt uneasy about the suggestion but I’d reached the point of desperation so decided I should at least do some research.

I came across Jack Herer’s book and read it from cover to cover – there was all of this information that I hadn’t even heard a hint of before. I remember saying to my husband, “I don’t understand why this information isn’t common knowledge, but you know what, I’m going to do something about this. I’m going to make clothing out of hemp and put Jack’s information inside the clothing-line.”

I emailed Jack with my proposal and to ask if I could have the copyrights to his books so that I can publish pieces on the inside of my clothing. To my surprise Jack responded the very next day giving me the OK. I met Jack a while later to sort out the legal documentation, and the weirdest thing was that when I met him for the first time I felt like I had known him for my whole life.

I’ve never had a hero but after I had read the book I really had a high regard for Jack and the incredible amount of knowledge he had. He was a true activist (this was a time before the internet as we know it now) and yet he drew attention to the cause by getting out there and making things happen.

My passion comes from the fact that there is a solution to the challenges we are facing in the US and across the world; the housing shortages, job losses, and food shortages, and that solution is hemp. From the talks that I give I’ve realized that people love learning about hemp. The moment people hear about the history of hemp, especially the deep American history of hemp, I see their faces light up – the information is so exciting! Many people are clueless of what you can do with hemp and when you start talking about it, it really impacts people on a personal level.

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