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I used to be anti-hemp. No, really. It’s true. However, my anti-hemp stance was strictly from lack of knowledge. I didn’t even KNOW there was such thing as industrial hemp. I didn’t know that hemp and marijuana were 2 different plants. All I ‘knew’ was what I heard now and then, “Hemp is pot! Pot is bad! Hemp is marijuana! It’s immoral!” Of course, we all can see that I am now one of the Informed ones.

In order to be Informed, one must have an open mind. One must be open to new ideas, open to learning, open to study, open to see all points of view – medical, scientific, social, political, economical, etc.

Next are those who are Unprincipled. Is that harsh? Maybe, but true. There are many companies, corporations, entities, and people who are anti-hemp because hemp would threaten their investments. The pharmaceutical business…

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