Hemp History That Makes Too Much Sense

I’ve had the best luck being an activist. First, actually meeting my hero Jack Herer and becoming friends with him, then having him introduce me to some pretty hardcore activists before he passed on April 15, 2010. What I love most about hanging around seasoned activists is listening to them break down some pretty obvious history as well as their various insights on the matter.

One of the people that I can say has inspired me to keep learning more is a friend that helped edit the most recent edition of The Emperor Wears No Clothes and a long time activist,  Todd McCormick. He recently left the Los Angeles area, but when he lived nearby, I would look forward to dropping by Todd’s for “Hemp School.”

I talked to Todd the other day and shared with him how much I love his story of Christopher Columbus. I thought about writing it down for you to read when I came across Todd telling the story himself in this video. Todd comes up somewhere around the 6 minute point, but I think you will enjoy hearing the information that leads to his segment as well.

I know this video relates cannabis prohibition to the Illuminati. I have to qualify this by saying I haven’t really done much research on the Illuminati to validate this statement, but I do know the rest of the information contained in this video is pretty right on.

Thanks Todd McCormick for being such a great teacher and always being willing to impart some knowledge to us fledgling activists.

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