Jack Herer’s 5 Second Rule for Marijuana

One of my favorite tips to share with people who are learning about medical marijuana (or seasoned smokers for that matter), is how long to hold in your “hit.” To be quite honest, I have no real method for verifying this information, except for the fact that it was told to me by Jack Herer, himself.

Jack Herer's 5 Second Rule

Jack Herer's 5 Second Rule

Jack loved to share information like this by saying he was 1000% correct. How could I argue with THAT?! He repeated  this information several times until I could recite it back to him. What he would do was break down just how much THC you were ingesting with every second. It looks like this:

1 second = 10% THC

2 seconds = 20% THC

3 seconds = Jumps to 50% THC

4 seconds = 75% THC

5 seconds = 100% THC

For those of you that hold in your hit longer than 5 seconds, you may want to think twice now since according to this formula, it’s an exercise in futility. And for those of you not holding in your hit for at least 5 seconds, well you’re just wasting weed, unless of course you don’t want the full effect.

So there you go. You are now privy to Jack Herer’s 5 second rule.  Learn it and share it. People are usually pretty grateful for the info!

3 thoughts on “Jack Herer’s 5 Second Rule for Marijuana

  1. This formula is wrong, you barely need to hold in your hit for more than 2 seconds.

    The internal surface area of your lungs is roughly 75 square meters, that’s the size of a tennis court.

    Imagine one hits worth of smoke spread out over that area. Yeah, it is all in contact with your lungs from the moment you breath it in.

    You may feel higher by holding your hit in longer, but that’s just oxygen deprivation

    Anything longer than two seconds, and you’re just giving more time for smoke particles with carcinogens to settle in your lungs.

    • You’re the 2nd person to respond that says 2 seconds is the rule. Either way, 2-5 seconds is probably less time than most people are used to holding it in if they think they are getting more out of it. Interesting, comparing the surface of your lungs to the size of a tennis court. That seems like a lot of surface.

  2. Jack was wrong a couple of times, but right by and large. I have seen a study that says within 2-3 seconds 90% of THC is absorbed. Anything beyond that just gets you more tar etc. So this is what we recommend in Cannabis Pocket Reference. Of course vaporizing is tar and CO free, and the ideal ‘rule’ to follow.

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