Industrial Hemp Is The Anti-Pot

How many people out there believe that one of the reasons cannabis is illegal is that authorities would not be able to differentiate between industrial hemp and medical grade cannabis, or shall we just call it pot, if they came across it growing in a field?

Well, here’s a clear cut answer to that problem: You can’t grow good weed next to industrial hemp! Industrial hemp will basically suck all the THC out of the good weed and ruin it! That is why there is this whole separating the seed process at the beginning. No weed grower will be setting up shop next to any site that grows industrial hemp.

So, if you think about it,  while the authorities are eradicating marijuana grows utilizing military helicopters and fires, all they would really have to do is just plant industrial hemp next to it and voila. Problem solved!

Sounds too ridiculously easy to be a solution, but it is. Google it.

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