Sex And The City With Hemp

What does Sex and the City have to do with hemp? Nothing, really. Could you picture the girls, sitting around in one of their cool diners, talking about the history of hemp or the industrial potential of the plant? It’s probably safe to assume that this scene didn’t flash through creator Darren Star’s mind.  It is, however a scene that flashed through my mind, I must admit.  Since the premiere of that show in the in 1998, SATC not only revolutionized female bonding, it’s fashion creativity gave allowances to women in their 40’s to be a little more hip and daring.

Isn’t it the fashionistas of the world who are so passionate about what they wear that their statements reach global proportions all the time? They proudly wear logos and brand names like a medal of honor. I’m sure there is a psychology behind this addiction to luxury products and that’s why these are the exact people I imagine enrolling in our cause to create a sustainable future through hemp. Here are a few scenes where I think products made from hemp could have been appropriate:

Check out this scene where Carrie Bradshaw discovers the ironically named Manolo Blahnik “Maryjanes.”

Then you have the sex crazed Samantha. Do you recall the back massager as a vibrator episode?

Did you know that plastic can be made from hemp and would actually biodegrade? It would be nice if that vibrator/back massager was biodegradable at the rate Samantha goes through them!

It’s people with vices like these who could use a little help easing their conscience just a bit. Don’t you agree? I truly believe that hemp products can do just that. As recent as four years ago, I had a hard time finding anything that I could truly embrace in the hemp fashion world. This is exactly why I created my own luxury hemp brand Think Substance. Today however, I’m happy to report that there’s been a huge amount of growth and a wide variety of products you can get addicted to (such as Carrie’s addiction to Manolo’s).  I can honestly say that the number of people who are addicted to Think Substance Luxury Hemp amazes me. I’ve heard stories from my fashionista friends about how they live in Think Substance and how excited they are to share my message. There’s nothing more satisfying than dressing people in hemp and knowing that they love it, more so because it stand for a great cause.

Nowadays, there is an array of hemp products to choose from. Whether it be the in the form of apparel, cosmetics, food or even cars, there is a way to hook into the possibility of another industrial revolution. This time, it will be the taste makers who will pave the way…. via hemp.

Think Substance Luxury Hemp

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